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Welcome to The Vigilant Woman 

vig·i·lant- keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties.

When do we meet?  Second Sunday of each month.  Educational speaker starts at 2:30.

Who are we?  A branch of the Permian Basin Young Guns, Inc., that is devoted to furthering women's                                              marksmanship skills and awareness training.

What is our purpose?  To educate women of the Permian Basin to be more vigilant in their daily activities                                                        through a series of educational speakers and marksmanship training.

Who can be a part

           1. Speaker Series- The Vigilant Woman educational speaker series is open to all women throughout                                                           the Permian Basin.  Due to the limited amount of seating, you will need to register                                                         for each event.  Many of these events will be free, some may have a small fee.

           2. Marksmanship/Range Training- The marksmanship/range training will require an annual course fee                                                    of $120 per year.  The goal is to give women a monthly opportunity to stay proficient                                                    in their firearm and range skills. 

                                                  The course fee includes: range time (minimum 1 hr), targets & instructors. Your                                                                course fee will be prorated according to the number of months remaining in                                                                      the year. 

                     NOTE: Range time will start after the educational speaker. Please check to see how long the speaker is scheduled before you register for range time.