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Monday, 2/22/2021

Wednesday, 2/24/2021

Start Time:  6:15

Fee: $0

Open to any youth currently registered in PBYG that will not be 16 years of age on 7/1/2021

15 lanes each relay

Members in the Monday class get first choice at Monday times, same for Wednesday members.  Others will need to fill in the open spots


This is a PBYG Club Qualifier for the State Championship to be held in Fredericksburg, Texas on March 13, 2021.

The top 21 members will be offered a position on one of 3 teams to compete at the State BB gun Championship.  The teams will be filled from the top down, according to placement.

Please let us know in Step 2 if you can and intend to be in Fredericksburg on March 13, 2021, with your child if he/she qualifies for one of the three PBYG teams.

(Covid notice: Team 3 may have to shoot Friday, we will sort this out later.)

COURSES OF FIRE 7.1 BB Gun Courses of Fire

40 shots, four positions - 10 shots each position. Order of firing shall be prone, standing, sitting and kneeling.

​​TIME LIMITS 8.1 BB Gun Time Allowance - One minute per record shot, (10 shots in 10 minutes.) (See Rule 9.7) 8.2 Additional Time - It is the responsibility of the coach and competitor to finish shooting within the time allowed. 

Note: Shots that are fired before or after the end of the official shooting time, or which are not fired at all, shall be registered as misses, unless the Jury, Referee, of the Range Officers have authorized extra time for the competitor.